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Springpad Portfolio Notebook Update

With the first marking period under our belts, it’s time to start tweaking our portfolios a bit. Overall, the notebooks have been a huge success, with many students experiencing immediate growth in their performing and significantly reduced anxiety in the scale assessment process. In the next week, you will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey allowing you to provide anonymous feedback on the process of using Springpad, as well as the option for providing additional critique/suggestions moving forward.

Before we even get to the survey, we need to address your notebook titles. To facilitate grading and reduce turn around time, please rename your notebooks to reflect the following format: “Lastname_MP2.” Please use this format for all future notebooks, and change your first marking notebook to reflect the update.

Additionally, you will want to create a notebook titled, “Lastname_MPA.” This will allow you to tag all of your Marking Period Assessments and track your progress in one notebook, rather than across the individual marking period notebooks.

Still not a Springpad user? Try it today or ask Mr. Du Beau about how it can work for your scale and performance assessments!


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