Digital Citizenship

As you  begin to take more of your learning online, it is important to recognize the dividing line between so-called, “recreational” use of the internet and the need for an appropriateness in an academic and refined use of the internet for school and/or work. The idea of digital citizenship has numerous definitions and explanations, but simply put:

“the self-monitored habits that sustain and improve the digital communities you enjoy or depend on.”

-Terry Heick, “The Definition of Digital Citizenship,”

The idea of “self-monitored” habits exists because it is each individual’s obligation to take responsibility for their actions and use of the internet. Likewise, there is an obligation to improve the digital communities in which in engage so that they remain safe and sustainable for future digital citizens.

Please use the infographic below as a resource as you take to curating your digital portfolios and expanding your presence on the internet throughout your classes.

Digital Citizenship Infographic